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How I can know if my international Galaxy S3 is suffering from SDS and how do I fix?

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Have international Galaxy S3 16GB (XEF) running the latest firmware, 4.1.2 (Yes, the Premium Suite upgrade, I thought this would have fixed but apparently not) with baseband XXELKB.

During the last week and a half, I noticed my phone randomly freeze or reboot itself. I researched more. At first, I thought I should do with applications in the device, so I started recklessly uninstall applications, to the point where factory reset the device. No dice. Even with no one without Actions installed application, still it managed to freeze at random after a few hours of use.

I was "googling" and found that my device is likely to suffer Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and I'm willing to think I have. It was through the XDA forums and found eMMC Check. According to this application, I have the affected 'crazy' chip.

There are some quirks that I have, though:

  • Is this is consistent with sudden death syndrome (SDS) which reports to the people?
  • Was not this bug fixed supposedly updating the Premium Suite?
  • How am I going to fix this, to whom he never has its roots / Android device flashed before?
  • How am I going back to stock firmware / kernel after it has been set by Samsung?
  • Any help, even if it does not solve my problem, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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