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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Wi-Fi  Secret Service open menu

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Samsung integrated into each of its smartphones and tablets, a small service menu, which can be opened only with a special code. Usually this code is entered via the keypad of the phone app. Since the Samsung Galaxy Tab  4 has but Wi-Fi integrated no phone function, there is no keypad, in which one could enter the code for the service menu. Luckily, there are here but a little trick. And this works as follows:

Opens on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, the calculator app and give then the following code:


After you have typed in this code, the appear a keypad in large format on your screen. Now Give the code for the service menu. This is:

* # 0 * #

It is you now, the service of the Samsung Galaxy Tab  4  menu appears, consisting of different tiles. A tile gives you information about the installed Senorik from the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, when other tests are stored, check your tab to function.

You know now how to open the Service menu on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 in the Wi-Fi version.

Thank you so much! It worked perfectly for me
Galaxy TabPRO 8.4  with Android 4.4.2 worked too, thank you :)
Worked for the calculator to phone part but not the 2nd half. No new tiles/menu
(Galaxy Tab 4)
Not me , verizon tab 4 with ver 5.1
Thanks! It worked on the Samsung Galaxy A 10.1 tablet as well!

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