Why my dog eats poop?

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I have a problem with my dog, he eats own poop, how can I prevent my dog to eats it?


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Coprophagy is the act of eating feces own, usually usually do the puppies for several reasons, one the of your stools by the type of rich current food proteins are not digested completely and this makes maintain an odor that can be interesting for the puppy and why he eats, others say it is an atavistic process in species as the mother eats feces of puppies while nursing, but stops as eat something, so I bow by thinking about the first hypothesis, also incite the puppy to eat the feces, bad habit, scrubbing his nose when he has defecated in unsuitable thus places, we are strengthening the puppy does.

In most cases this habit refers to age, but if it persists is when can become problematic because the dog will continue and possibly other dog feces also eat if they are recent. At other times they eat the feces of dogs with liver or intestinal disorders defecate without having fully digested food, thus the smell, increases the desire to eat, by the dog who practice coprophagia.

Then I will show, processes, to avoid this unpleasant and possibly dangerous to the dog's health usual. I agree with veterinary if food intake of herbivores but I would not call this coprophagy. We know that the dog is a great scavenger, and something that incites his tremendous sense of smell proteins or items you need for nourishment will not hesitate to eat them.

They also eat rotten fish and ornot dead rats, usually if they are almost dry, and many "junk" but I say crap brackets for dogs because they are not. Many dog ​​owners complain that their animals eat whatever they find and if something rotten better, but this is also not coprophagy, of course if dog waste is not included in this diet are now going with the fact rubbing about animals in putrefaction, do to camouflage their scent, that if it is atavistic, many dogs have lost, others maintain and whenever possible they will, with the consequent displeasure of their owners and the terrible smell they give off.Well good things, I will show that we should do to avoid this unpleasant practice.

First, avoid, prevent the dog has access to their feces, how ?, controlling him and forcing him to defecate in our presence if not goes out or bringing the right place.

If it still persists in his conduct, steel ourselves and fill one with tabasco poop or something spicy, so the eating gives you a tremendous itching, may not do so again but possibly say, there have been cases with tabasco It has known them better.

But as I say the best therapy is to prevent.

In the event that the dog is an adult and make these breaks, here what is needed is to get the dog to be obedient to the call comes, it is as always a good education that allows us to have controlled the dog and prevent to escape run roughshod.

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answered Oct 23, 2017 by anonymous
you need to eat his poop before him

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