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S-health  not to counts steps Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

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If you own a Samsung Galaxy S5, S4 or Galaxy Galaxy Note 3, then you have the app automatically install S-health, which allows you to monitor and train your fitness. A function that is integrated into S-health on the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, is the so-called pedometer. This accesses a sensor of the smartphone, which receives vibrations. Based on the sequence of shocks which are then declared these steps. The pedometer is thus one of the most important and interessanstesten features available in S-health are available.

Now it may be that S-health on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone does not count any more steps. If so, we would like to show here's a way you vwie S-health again to get to understand the step.

For this purpose, you must first thing navigate to the System Preferences and click here to open the Android application manager. Changes within the manager on the tab "All", then search for the app S-Health. Did you find this, this type it in to leave so show the app information.

Typing now next on the button "Force Stop" and then "Uninstall updates" on. This will reset the App S-health to the factory condition, but without deleting data that is saved in the app. (However, it is always worthwhile to backup their data to make). After the updates of S-health are uninstalled, open S-health as usual. The new update is now loaded and then S-health should again include as desired the steps that you went with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone ..

What if you done all that and still the step counter won't work... what other methods are there to make the counter work but everything else works in that app on a Android S 5.
Completed all the steps, still doesn't work. Galaxy Note 3

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