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Why does my Lava Iris X1 Atom S Android phone run so slow?

Why does my Lava Iris X1 Atom S Android phone run so slow?

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When it is a problem of internal storage
When it is a problem of RAM
What if none of this works?

If you are someone who has an Android phone and you like living on the edge thrusting all, taking lots of photos, taking over your entire music library, downloading 'movies' from the Google Play store several gigabytes of weight or installing non-stop many games that eat a good portion of memory ... you should know that could face a serious problem of speed in the performance of your smartphone.

And you can already have a powerful quad-core processor that will give you the same. If you put many applications, games, videos, music or whatever and fill it completely, quickly have the feeling that the mobile is slow, it costs back to the home screen or to run any application takes forever. This is solved in several ways and must take them into account for the performance of the smartphone remains at the top and not start thinking you did wrong to buy that model.

When it is a problem of internal storage

Mobile, such as computers, need a minimum of free space on the internal storage to run correctly. Remember that applications take up space but also files they generate. For example, Google Play Music can create you in temporary 1.5GB to which you neglect, or Spotify and similar services.

When it happens that the internal storage is almost full it is advisable to install a microSD and copy it all photos, videos, attachments WhatsApp or music files that always bring with you. This way you will save enough space. If nevertheless do not conseguis release the amount sufficient, then you have to call the Seventh Cavalry and move some applications, the most 'heavy', the microSD (eg games that take many hundreds of megs or some gigas).

The latter depends on the installation of Android that you have because you could you find the surprise that will leave not move applications from one side to another. Then the only solution would be to see which ones do you use less and delete until you return at some point want to use. There is no other.

When it is a problem of RAM

If the internal storage space you have enough gigas at your disposal and you will slow mobile muuuuuuy, then you have to look to the RAM. As you know, Android is opening applications and is leaving in the background as we open other with the aim that when we return with which we were, this is at the same point as we left.

This, which is fine, has the problem that when we have available RAM is full, we must resort to the manager to empty. Now, we know that is a nuisance to, but is the only option for you to go fast and all those basic tasks that you perform at all hours (WhatsApp, mail, browsing, calls, Candy Crush, etc.) may be able to carry them out quickly .

But very careful about this point that the empty RAM, Quit all programs you had assets with content that you had open. What does this means? Well, if you are making corrections in a document with Quickoffice, for example, pressing the button 'empty RAM' everything that bear made you will be lost. So much care, keep everything you do and then already vaciáis everything.

What if none of this works?

As if all this does not work because of a huge number of applications that have been installed and uninstalled over time ... it is clear that the operating system needs a thorough cleaning. So the best remedy is the full format, reset the device as if it had left the factory at the time and reinstalling the major applications we use.

You might think it's a radical solution but, from experience, is the only able to return to the mobile Android a certain operation and fluency in performance.

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