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Change Samsung Galaxy S6 period of data use mobile Internet

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 offers the possibility Menu -> Settings -> "data usage" to monitor data usage of mobile Internet connection. So you can always check which app has consumed much data volume of your mobile data tariff. This function is especially useful if you have a contract with a limited amount of data. However it is so that your contract usually does not run from the first day of a month, but starts somewhere in the middle.

No problem, you can even change the data usage cycle in Android. Now, however, the following problem can occur with your Samsung Galaxy S6:

The data usage cycle can not be changed on your Samsung Galaxy S 6.

If you also have this problem, then we would like to show a trick on how to change the cycle of the minutes of mobile data consumption you again. The function has been implemented somewhat cumbersome. Why does the following statement:

Data usage cycle on the Samsung Galaxy S6 change:

Opens this on your Samsung Galaxy S6 the menu and then the settings. Select here the button "data usage" from. You can now tap the date or the small arrow. There is no change possible. Now the trick:

(Its Wi-Fi must be disabled) Sets a mark for "Mobile data connection". If you see the sign for the mobile data connection in the status bar, tapping once on the Back button so that you find yourself back in the settings. Tapping again on the button "data usage" and then again on the date. Voila, a new box will appear with "cycle change". You can now change the data usage cycle for the log on your Samsung Galaxy S 6.

 Samsung Galaxy S6 change data usage cycle

By re-opening of this field is only activated again, which first leads to confusion. We hope that you can now change the data usage cycle for the mobile data on your Samsung Galaxy S6 with this procedure.

worked like a dream. great info

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