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Why my Blu Selfie Android phone gets so hot?

Why my Blu Selfie Android phone gets so hot?

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On occasion you because you look at your mobile or tablet to play a game, surf the Internet, watch videos on Youtube and when you've noticed, it was very hot.

For anyone who has no knowledge of electronics, it may be cause for concern, but everything has its explanation and if you keep reading you will know.

To begin we must have a clear thing. The electronic devices are powered by electricity. So it's a device that has cables, electronic boards with processors and memories, screens, etc. And like every device by passing electricity, it tends to heat up and is a completely normal thing.

But it warm so much?

Yes. And I say more, his is that if heated, heat from escaping out expelled, because that is cooled better.

An example are the hard drives. If you have one with the plastic housing, in use during hours that is cold think, but it is not, because inwardly reaches high temperatures.

However, if you use one that has the aluminum case, you'll notice that the time to use heated or more, put on fire and that's good, because the heat is fading out.

Nor did I tell you that if your tablet is very hot, you use it for hours and hours at a time during which nothing happens.

But I do not want you to be scared because you touch it behind and notes heat. And the same when the screen is very hot. It is normal. With LED or OLED screens, heating the same is lower than other technologies, but still takes her temperature.

So you already know. If your phone, tablet, computer or other device is heated, do not worry and use it with ease.

They are prepared to work those temperaturas.Y I tell you that the day you have to spoil, it will.

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