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Why does my Lg Tribute 2 Android phone charge so slowly?

Why does my Lg Tribute 2 Android phone charge so slowly?

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Why does my Lg Tribute 2 Android phone charge so slowly?

Sometimes, and unexpectedly, it shows a slow loading terminal Android ... many more slowly than usual. If this is not possible, you may have a problem in the device that affects some of the elements involved in the process. We will have some ways to detect this and solutions you can take to try to correct what happens without having to make drastic decisions.

The truth is not always what happens is that the battery is faulty (which can be, of course) and the recharging process are affected other elements or less vital options that, fortunately, it is possible to take action on the matter to everything back to normal moderate. No more we had to indicate the problems that may occur and also solutions to take in this regard.


Solvable problems

Although at first it is normal that there is some concern if an Android slow loading terminal, the truth is that in many cases it is possible to take some simple measures to be discarded completely correctable errors and, therefore, they may be in the I forget sediment performing complex actions and also economic. We always talk about easy options, no complicated processes.

Question of applications and more

One of the sections to be reviewed to make recharging the battery if you have many applications running in the background and even some very demanding services are activated (such as GPS). It may be that this is so, and therefore a slow charging occurs. What you have to do to make sure this does not happen is to review the developments that are running and that services like GPS are not turned on (this in the operating system is possible). If you wish not to inquire, simply restart the device and disables the quick adjustments Location. Now try to make a charge.

A problem accessories

That happens more than once and there are many who are not as much give. It is possible that over time the USB cable or power supply itself for refills are damaged or that their work is conducted in an inefficient way (lack of power, for example). First check the status of these elements and if everything seems in good condition, ideally try other different adapters. Surely that in more than one case that lets you know what happens and, unfortunately, if the fault is this no choice but to buy new accessories.

The USB port does not work well

For a bad, or use undesirable problem such as a fall- it is possible that this connection is not possible condition improvements. Personally I have had experiences where I have seen a USB port blocked or have certain connectors corroded by water. To do a check to make sure everything is in good condition and that is not the problem that causes a slow loading occurs. If what happens is a blockage, the solution is obviously simple, if it is found that there is a serious failure (for which you can test the USB cable to other devices), you can try to clean the connections with a dry cloth or cotton cloth - here is a bastoncillo- best, but usually have to carry a terminal for service).

The battery could be the problem

This can also happen. The truth is that the latest models included in the mobile terminals are of adequate quality, and usually last a long time. But it may happen that have a defective or simply for some reason the slow recharge is because this component. If this is so you can buy a new one for devices that exchange the battery, but otherwise have no one to call for service. One way to detect it is this element that fails is that the percentage of load shown jumps randomly in ranges of different measures (eg having 15% available at 60% in just five minutes recharge). This is a problem that has no easy solution ... other than to resort to change indicated above.


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