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Disable Samsung Galaxy S6 Cell Broadcast messages

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It can happen that you receive on your Samsung Galaxy S6 CB messages by your operator. CB stands for Cell Broadcast. You will receive a CB message whenever, your dials in a cell (cell towers) and holds Samsung Galaxy S6 this a CB message. So by CB News local information or advertising can be sent to the customer.

Would you like to get on the Samsung Galaxy S6 no CB-messages, you can turn off this feature as follows:

Open from the Home Screen:

Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> News -> Advanced settings

In this submenu you can now find Android menu item "Cell Broadcast". Typed on the entry and you can then disable the slider to adjust the top-right next submenu this option.

Subsequently you any messages on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Cell Broadcast sent.

S6 Edge works slightly different for "Disable Samsung Galaxy S6 Cell Broadcast messages  "

You need to go to settings -> Applications -> Messages -> More Settings -> Cell Boradcast & Make it OFF
The S6 2016 also works this way. All cell broadcast gave me was the land line dialing code and funny noises in the middle of the night!
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It works, make sure to set it on "enable" as emergency messages come this way as well.

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