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Huawei P8 What the LED colors mean?

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If you would like to know what the different colors of the Status LED of your Huawei P8, then you should this article help. We tell you what the different colors of light the LED notification of your Huawei P8 stand.

The LED of Huawei smartphones P8 provides the following status information:

• Red flashing: battery is low and should soon be charged
• Continuous lights in red (when charging): Battery is almost empty
• Solid yellow (loading): The battery level is at about 50%
• Solid green (loading): almost or already fully charged, the battery is
• Blinking green: There are unread messages or notifications to the Huawei P8 available

These are the most important status message on the Huawei P8, which are programmed at the factory. May be added as well as LED color of third-party apps:

Flashing green: WhatsApp
Blink in orange: Mobile App
You know now what the different LED colors available in your Huawei P8 and what type of notification is behind it.

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