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How to choose a All-in-One Printer for a home office

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In the age of technology more and more people are working from home. That means more and more people are getting home office, and home office technology is responding to this increased demand with increased value and quality. Choose an all-in-one printer for a home office is now much easier and more enjoyable than it was. Things You'll Need Home Office

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determine your needs. There are all-in-one printers or "soft" that are capable of faxing, scanning, copying and a variety of other tasks.

Choose a printer with the largest number of these characteristics as it can find (to use) to minimize the space occupied by other redundant machines.


Talk to friends and colleagues about their machines, especially if used to work in their home offices. Find out what works and what does not, and what is a good value.

research consumer ratings online and reports of the machines you are interested to see if the machine you want is more than just a new gadget.

Try a machine that a friend or business associate has. If you are not able to use it, at least try to see examples of their work to better inform you of the same quality.

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