Problem with advertising (virus)

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asked Jul 19, 2016 by anonymous
hello I'm really new to all this virus and have had problems with a phone to buy at first it was fine running without problem one day I woke up and began installing applications does not take important stop using the device for a while and when I returned to use as note that several applications made applications were not compare with the new one and note that these applications were not stock in the new

Unfortunately not let me put the screenshot

Android /system/app/NGP.apk
com.ab.networker /system/app/SystemMedio.apk
com.ab.statistic /system/app/HTMLLViews.apk /system/app/4a0cda83ed0f5d0f5d91bfe89aaa10dce653.apk /system/app/ /system/app/1457434805536.apk /system/app/com.sailer.coolbrowser.apk /system/app/models.apk
configNservice /system/app/ConfigNServices.apk
HTMLViewer /system/app/htmlv.apk
netalpha /system/app/
SystemFQAD /system/app/1457570344992.apk
SystemFQAD /system/app/1456388207453.apk
VPN /system/app/ad.apk
These are the applications that note of more

if someone reads this please have mercy on me I know that you are masters in this class things -;

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