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Top 100 tricks for Whatsapp. All tricks Whatsapp

how to send photo on whatsapp just one time watch

how to keep a conversation going through whatsapp with a stranger

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How to know if I was blocked in whatsapp?
block whatsapp

We put first, because how do you know if I have blocked whatsapp? It is one of the most sought google questions about this application.
The truth is that before talking of trick, we will notify that there is no 100% safe trick to see if you have blocked, it is true that the trick which I will talk very effective.

Trick 1: The last connection information
At the top, below the name you will see all the contact data, even if the person is typing. You can also see when the last connection. If these do not appear, it is because the person you lock; however, there are some applications that are able to clear these data so we say that is not 100% safe.

Trick 2: Photography
Another thing that tells us that the person has blocked us is that the photograph of the person, which means that the person did not already have in your phone we no longer appears. If we add the photo to the previous data and both are positive, we are almost certain blocked.

Trick 3: The messages do not reach destination
Yet we are going to give a third runway to see if we have blocked is that when sending messages to that person whose photo we see or last connection time, we get only one dove. This means that our messages never entered the other phone

Tip 4: Invite him to a group
Now we reveal the icing on the cake. If you want to know for sure if someone has blocked you, all you have to do is invite the user to a group von others. Whatsapp will tell you that the person you've added can not be invited to the group, If you get this message with certainty that person has blocked you.

Tip 5: Block contacts unless you like
Not everything will be that you block yourself, since you also can do so when you want. Once you've blocked someone, that person may not re-contact you to see your picture or watch the last hour of connection

To block someone, you just need to click on your chat for a few seconds and the option to "lock" link will appear

whatsapp group

Tip 6: mute groups
You may not know it but whatsapp groups and can be silenced for up to a year, which makes you the possibility to return a nap on Saturdays without the humourous friends are joking. All you have to do is enter the group and give the option to mute a century, yeah, yeah, a century nothing more and nothing less is that whatsapp is taken with humor as options for groups and gives us the possibility of having 100 years of peace and only consult the group when we want.

Tip 7: Leave some groups Whatsapp
There is one thing worse than going to sleep and waking up to the saturated phone messages. Do not let your phone accumulate hundreds of groups then not even read and salt groups that do not interest you. To do this, you just have to enter the group, go to menu and give it to leave the group.

Tip 8: Disseminate messages
You can broadcast messages to a group of people to get them all simultaneously. To do this type of broadcast messages, all you have to do is access the new broadcast option and then add all the people what they want to send the message, then you must add the message and give it to send.

Tip 9: To differentiate normal broadcast groups groups
While broadcasting groups are used to make a statement to many people, normal groups used to be more fluid conversations and can be adding or leaving people as time passes.

the chat
whatsapp chat

Tip 10: Delete the conversation history
Although it may seem very simple, many people can not delete your conversation history, which also ensure they have the privacy of their fully secure conversations. To remove it, you should only go to the conversation and give options, then the "empty talk" and ready.

Tip 11: disable downloading images
Thanks to the wonderful last update whatsapp, defaults begin to download all the images that come to you in your chat, which can make your memory is affected more quickly, however, that you can change from the Settings section and images.
They shall automatically downloaded

Tip 12: Clear your last hour connection
For this option, you need only download an app to help you erase your data and nobody can see when was the last time you logged.

Tip 13: Use new emoticons
Thanks to the different applications of emoticons that have flooded the market, we can get to make our conversations look much more personalized. Only you should check programs emoticons in your app store

Tips to improve privacy
Privacy whatsapp

Tip 14: Do not use public wifi
To keep your conversations safe, you should try not to use public connections, because although the conversations are encrypted, you never know who may be watching. Always use a private Internet

Tip 15: Do not send sensitive data
Whatsapp experts have said that confidentiality is unproven and that all messages are moved across servers.

Tip 16: Spoofing
If you have to send some important data through a message whatsapp, make sure the person you're talking about is real, since the impersonation through this type of messaging is very common.

Tip 17: You can not eavesdrop
Sure you have more than once seen or heard of spyware programs whatsapp ensures that conversations can spy. Such programs are a fraud and possibly what you want is to hack your account. Only applications that are downloaded from your official store and never will for this purpose as well, it is a crime work correctly.

Tip 18: Your contacts will not seek through emails
During the past year, the people who have come to them emails saying that "x" friend has left a message on whatsapp, actually this is a lie because whatsapp not even have that option to "leave a message" there are many much less arrive by email.

Trick 19: Watch out for groups
Groups are fun but the security issue, we must take seriously what you put in them, as you must know that there are strangers in groups and sometimes say things that we could compromise.

Tip 20: Do not put personal information in your state
Remember that your state is something that everyone can see, so you should avoid at all costs place any type of data that can any idea where you are or where they can find you.

Tip 21: Use the emailed
If you want to delete whatsapp conversations but do not want to lose them, it is advisable that you send through an email:
Options> Settings> Chat History> [Send Email chat history].

Tip 22: blocking option you talk strangers
One of the main problems is that anyone with whatsapp application and our phone number, you can see if we have the application downloaded or not, so the best you can do is block this option.

In iPhone: Settings> Chat> Block> + (add contacts to block).

Android: Chats> Open a chat> Lock. To see what chats are blocked: Chats> Menu Button (Android)> Settings> Contacts> Contacts blocked. To block an unknown contact, open the chat> Scroll up> Lock.

In Windows Phone: Settings> Blocked Contacts> +> Select contact.

In BlackBerry: Settings> Contacts blocked.

other tricks
voice message

Tip 22: the double dove
The double dove is for many people the confirmation that the other person has read her message, however, has long been known that what they really mean is that the message reached the phone without necessarily being the person read it and .

Tip 23: voice messages
Use the micro you have the option of sending in the bottom right of your chats to send voice messages to the people you love. This can work as a version voicemail, as if the person is not, you will see when you arrive

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24 Truco email can save images and videos
Besides sending conversations via email before deleting the phone, you can also send photos and videos you have on that conversation. To do this, you should only choose between text with or without pictures.

Tip 25: Photos are automatically saved
All photos you send your whatsapp, go directly to the photo folder without exception. If there is a photo and you want to see, the best you can do is delete the folder of your phone.

Tip 26: How to download the picture of my contact whatsapp
For this trick, we have to connect your phone to your computer and enter from the pc to phone folder whatsapp, once there, we enter the option "profiles pictures" and from there we can see all of our contacts and download them, however, it is likely that many of the photos do not have a very good quality.

Tip 27: How to create a group of whatsapp
create group whatsapp

To create groups, you must go to the option whatsapp and give the option of creating group. Once created we asked for a name and then we start adding people who want it.
We can only add people we have in our contact list.

Tip 28: send the location
Through our chat, we can send the exact location where we are in a conversation, so that anyone can get to where we're quickly.

Tip 29: Share a contact
Through the app, you can quickly share a contact with another contact to add them too.
Know that the contact is saved with the name that has saved the other person, so you should change it.

Tip 30: how to retrieve deleted chats
Even if you do not know, the talks have pro whatsapp is being saved automatically in your micro SD card, so if you delete some unintentionally and want to recover, all you have to do is delete the application from your phone and reinstalling. At that time the option to "restore history" will appear and you will return to restart the history of all conversations completely. However, keep in mind that the conversation can not be restored if it has been more than 7 days.

Tip 31: suspense your account
If you have suspended your account once and do not know why, I let me explain. When you send too many messages to people who do not have added to your mobile phone whatsapp sees you as a Spamer. Another reason why you can suspend your account is when a large number of people you have blocked or if you start to send the same message to hundreds of people.

Tip 32: I do if I stole your phone to retrieve whatsapp
Only you should go get a duplicate card and install it on the new phone, whatsapp activate your account quickly since that phone has registered.

Tip 33: talk to many people
To speak with many people, remember that you have the option of activating group or distribution list, because if it's still send many messages to many people can get you to lock the account. To add people, these contacts should appear as connected.

Tip 34: You can change the lyrics whatsapp
changing letter

To fully customize the application, you can change the lyrics whatsapp conversations to read how you more comfortable.
Only you can choose between small, medium or large.

Tip 35: You can change the background of your conversations
To change the background conversations, you should only go to the chat option settings and background. You can choose any photo that you've taken recently or choose from the photo gallery whatsapp.

Tip 36: To disable your last connection
This you can do without resorting to any kind of program because you just need to go to the chat option settings  Advanced and then deactivate my last connection.

Tip 37: Send talks to another phone
As such you read it, you can also send another telephone conversations as whatsapp makes a backup and block the wifi. We store the data in the folder and then whatsapp whatsapp must install that card in the new phone. By activating the program will ask if you have backup.

Tip 38: Free Lifetime Account
Many people who have complained since whatsapp payment is made once a year.
Many people have gotten the free application with just delete and reinstall the app.

Tip 39: Use whatsapp without phone number
whatsapp without phone

You must first uninstall whatsapp keeping all the data you have in it, if you do not want to lose them.
Then you must download and install whatsapp again but blocking the courier through the activation of airplane mode. This makes whatsapp server can not send the facilities for verification.

Now whatsapp you will be asked to choose an alternative method of verification, because it does not receive the messages, this is normally done through verification SMS and only need to enter your email, you hit send and cancel almost simultaneously .

Spoof Text Message must install Android or Fake-a-Message for iPhone and falsifying a message through one of these two applications
We will send the details of counterfeit account through the program and are what you should use for verification

Tip 40: Not Last Seen
It is one of the best applications that lets you hide when you're talking to someone but do not want to appear online.
This type of application requires root, you just need to download it and give the option of hiding "last seen".

Tip 41: Change your profile picture to a friend whatsapp
Clearly you can not change the profile picture of whatsapp really a friend, but you can change it on your phone as a joke.

What you should do is the following

You must download the image that you want your friend creates it looks from outside in your profile picture, then you should put 561 * 561 pixels and put name phone number that your friend used whatsapp.

Now save it to your SD card >> Images >> WhatsApp profile and overwrite the existing file.

Now you just have to wait a few seconds and the picture you have chosen in your profile will now only acércale the phone and ask surprised because I put that picture.You will see the face that goes down!

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Tip 42: Hide your image whatsapp
To access this option, you must download whatsapp plus, as it gives you the option of hiding your photo and so much care your privacy.
This gives you the option to start chats anonymously with people who have added.

Tip 43: Customize your whatsapp
personalize whatsapp

If you want to make your whatsapp completely customized look, you will only download WhatsApp PLUS Holo, which is an application that will allow you to switch from your state or profile picture until whatsapp theme.

Tip 44: voice notifications
If you are very busy and have no time to be reading notification notification, we present an idea that simply will love, as you can get notifications hear you coming whatsapp voice.
To do this, you should only download the application from Voice for notification and then install Text-to-speech, both available in the app store.
Only you must turn your phone's accessibility and set it to ON. All notices will reach you voice be heard.

Tip 45: Share ZIP files, PDF, APK, EXE, RAR for WhatsApp
Although the messaging program does not allow you to install any compressed file, if download the Dropbox and CloudSend. You can share files using the two applications and upload them to the cloud after cloud, you can share with your contacts whatsapp.

Tip 46: The whatsapp statistics
If you're somebody using whatsapp for hours this kind of trick're interested in, and you can know what the person who writes to you or which you do more shipments as you can access statistics whatsapp even know what busiest day for you with the application. To do this, you must download application for WhatsApp WhatStat.
If, however, you just want to know the number of messages you send in a day, you can see it in settings  account, because here you will see all messages that you have received and sent and even bytes received.

Tip 47: fake chat
Another of the tricks you can do to get a fun time with friends is through WhatSaid application.
This application lets you create within whatsapp fake conversations to help you fool your friends by creating the person you are supposed to have spoken and messages on both sides.

Tip 48: Magiapp
This is an application through which you can send to your friends but when opening an image to appear next. One of the most common tricks is to send a friend a gorgeous guy or girl and when you give photo for a closer look, the girl disappears and a very ugly.
If you want to download for iPhone, the app is called FhumbApp.

Tip 49: WhatsApp several accounts in Android
whatsapp multiple accounts

When installing the application of SwitchMe, this application will allow you to create different profiles whatsapp from the same phone number.

Tip 50: Change of number without losing messages
It is something that all people have to change their phone number dream of doing as not to lose the conversations and contacts you have added is something that everyone wants.
What you should do is change the phone number >> Account Settings >> Change number. At this point, you should write the two numbers and then click "done". The talks will stay where they were not to lose a single one.

Tip 51: Spy talks family and friends
Spymaster PRO is an application that allows you to eavesdrop your children to see what they are doing in real time, something like a parental control. However, it is a paid app.

Tip 52: Delete the account whatsapp
Many people were created to account at the time and later repented and not used more or not followed by the phone number, however, people who if they had that phone number they'll keep watching as friend whatsapp, so the best thing to do is delete the account and not leave it unlocked. To do this, you must do is go to Options   account delete account and ready
Within seconds, the account will be completely erased and nobody can see you have whatsapp.

Tip 53: Extends through 2022 WhatsApp license free
You must delete the account from your phone whatsapp not uninstall the program, but actually how you delete the account we have explained in the previous step. Then you should uninstall the phone application and register on Iphone, personal telephone number that we have. Back to delete the account and remove the application iphone. We return to install in your application again our number and your account information will see that the time has been extended until 2022, that easy!

Tip 54: How to schedule automated messages
With Seebye Scheduler, you have the option to automatically program messages to be sent when you want, contact you want without you having to worry about it.
In five minutes, you can program the text you want, so you never forget a birthday, anniversary or any other event and also you can get it for free.

Tip 55: floating bubbles
Seebye Chat Heads is an application that lets you display on whatsapp conversations bubbles floating on top with the face of the person who told you, in the same way that Facebook chat is.

Tip 56: Whatsapp for PC
True, whatsapp has not released any official application, if there is a very good application to use whatsapp from pc without having to be glued to the phone all the time.
You should only open the account from your phone and then place your code in the program for PC.

Tip 57: Spending large multimedia files
multimedia files whatsapp
It's no secret that whatsapp not allowed to pass larger files than what they have planned, so we often can not send videos unless the shorter do. To skip this problem have WhatsApp application File Sender.

Tip 58: shows the creative side
If you are not very happy with emoticons that offers the application and want to get your own creations, Paint for WhatsApp, since you can make your creations or even retouch photos and send.

Tip 59: Protect your chat
If you do not like to be blocking the phone but I do not like you're watching the talks, you can choose to protect only whatsapp and not all the phone with a password. This can be done through the application "protects messenger and chat"

Tip 60: whatsapp removes data not need
Through WCleaner, you'll be able to eliminate completely the data that the application does not need and stop occupying valuable space in your memory. What you must do is activate the application and as you let these programs to clean your pc, you just need to let the application do the same in your whatsapp.

Tip 61: Give subscriptions
You may not know it, but you can make a super gift to your best friend or lover through the subscription whatsapp and give up to five years in total.

Tip 62: Hide
If to enter whatsapp you must sneak hiding your amistados, we'll advise you first change of friends, and secondly, download the incredible application WhatsApp Online False, which allows you to edit when they want to leave your last connection.

Tip 63: drawings by whatsapp
You can create drawings for e whatsapp through Z-WhatsArt to WhatsApp and also keep the images, because they are stored in a separate gallery.

Tip 64: new tunes
melodies whatsapp

Would you like to have sounds in your phone to send to your friends ?, Then we present Z-WhatsSound that allows you to enjoy the different melodies that can go from loud kisses, even the tenderest animal noises.

Tip 65: put pictures in contacts
Although many people have said that this trick has not helped them much, I present it because others have loved them.
You should only download the application WhatsApp Contact Photo Sync and automatically, all profile photos from your contacts will happen to the phonebook, placed by phone number each.

Tip 66: Heavy Jokes
Practical jokes via whatsapp is something many friends every month and today we present a trick to make you become the bane of your friends. All you have to do is download WhatsFun you can send almost indefinitely the emoticon, phrase or image you want. Surely the person who would make you stop talking, but it will be a joke to remember.

Tip 67: Export your conversations in the format you want
Wish you could export your whatsapp conversations in TXT, CSV, and HTML format XLXS ?, because from now downloading Backup Text may also be able to show the emoji in HTML format.

Tip 68: Stickers type line
The trick here is to teach you that you can get huge stikers as those used in Line application, but using them since whatsapp. To do this, you should only download WhatsApp Stickers for free and you can begin to use more than 400 stickers.

Tip 69: get out of a group without getting caught
Although you can not get out of a group as such, if you can "disappear" from the group forever or until you decide. All you have to do is go to the option of custom entries and disable notifications and warnings that conversation

Tip 70: Always have the latest version of whatsapp
whatsapp latest version

If you can not wait for a new update whatsapp on your phone is activated, you must do is download the application WhatsApp Date2, which tells you in the moment when a new application is given, long before then whatsapp automatically update, which means you can have the update whatsapp and also know what the exact changes made are.

Tip 71: How to create shortcuts to talks
Sure we all have our favorite whatsapp contact with which hablaos all day every day; if you have that contact whatsapp with which you can not stop talking about, what we suggest is that you make a shortcut to your home screen so you can talk to him whenever you want. You only need to enter the conversation and click on it, within minutes you will the option to "Create Shortcut" and only have to select it. Now, your contact not only appear between all contacts from your whatsapp, but you can watch it on your home screen.

Tip 72: send an entire conversation with a contact
We've already explained how you can send yourself a conversation, but want to know how you can do it to one of your contacts read.
You must enter into a conversation and give the menu. Once you're inside the menu you should give the option of "more" and when the menu display will appear "mail". Here all you have to do is put the email of the person you want to receive it instead of us and ready within seconds the person can read the conversation in your email. Also, you can send the icons and pictures or videos that are in this conversation.
In case you have an Iphone, instead of menu, you must go to the settings option and "send chat history". Once here, you should only choose the conversation and ready to ship.

Tip 73: Intro to send
The key post is a versatile key and serves several things, but in most cases we use to send messages, but you can change the use of the key and send the intro in key settings, just change by the "intro to send" option.

Trick 74: Watch
Have you ever seen when you send a text goes a clock next to your message ?, this is because you do not have internet on your phone or are not in coverage, so your phone is "waiting" signal to send the message.

Tip 75: more smileys
whatsapp emoticons

By default messaging program gives you lots of emoticons so you can personalize your conversations, however, many people do not see enough what icons you already have the program. If this is you, all you need is to go to the app store and write smileys in the area to search for a few minutes all the applications that you can download emoticons to further customize your conversations will appear.

Tip 76: Unlocked
Remember that if you only want to delete a contact from your whatsapp without locking it, all you have to do is go to your address book and delete your code. It disappears from your phone.

Tip 77: Hide Contacts
You may not know it, but you can make your custom contact list to view only the contacts that you want to see, hiding others. To do this, all you have to do is:
Settings / Contacts / Show all can uncheck to show only groups of contacts we have selected in the phone book, Contacts / Contacts to show / Custom list.

Tip 78: Add contact points
If you want to add contacts from other countries but not sure how, let you unravel the mystery of why you can not: you need the country code.
We will give a small list of the most used codes but if you want to get the code of a person to talk to her, you just need consulting him and add to their number with a + in front
Codes: Spain +34, +504 Honduras, Peru +51, +52 Mexico, Chile +56, +57 Colombia, Venezuela Ecuador +58 +593, +598 Uruguay, Argentina +54, +44 UK, Germany +49

Tip 79: Beware of Spam
Sure you're a very popular person with many friends and need to send messages to everyone all the time, but careful of spamming continuously with events or what can happen, because whatsapp you look like an annoying user and block your account.

Tip 80: whastapp also can use a Tablet
If you have a Tablet and prefer to talk on whatsapp for it, as you anticipate that you can do it through your pc, you can do it on the tablet, however, you'll need an emulator to do so.
BlueStacks, Manymo or YouWave, are the most used.

Tip 81: Iphone and allows you to hide the connection time
last connection whatsapp

This is something that can only be done with the range of phones from Apple as android phones still do not have this option. Only you must go to settings and "hide last connection".

Tip 82: Iphone makes you invisible
It seems that Iphone is taking into account the messaging applications and looking at how it can give more comfort to users. In its latest update, Iphone allows you to wear the "invisible" in whatsapp so you can get online without anyone seeing you.

Tip 83: scheduled backups
We never know when we'll lose by mistake the conversations we have in our whatsapp, so it is best to have a backup of them, however, be doing daily backup can become rather tired, the trick you present is an application that backs each day alone of all conversations that never miss.

Tip 84: erase data to make room
As we are using the application, are accumulated data and this can get to make the program start walking much slower so we must erase the data from time to time. To clear the data you should go to phone settings, look for the option whatsapp and give "clear data"

Tip 85: put funds quickly
To change the background conversation, all you have to do is go to options and give the option to "change back", you will 4 options are: documents, whastapp, default or no background.
Only you must place the photo of your choice and give the background and ready to apply.

Tip 86: How to configure notifications
You can change the notification settings for when someone speaks to you from whatsapp but even to know which person is one who is speaking to you. To do this, you must enter settings and configure
There you can change everything about notifications and even the color of the phone will - if you have LED- option to convey a message of "X" person.

Tip 87: Using whastapp like Skype out
Although not yet been made oficinal, the company has already activated an option you can download a beta version from the official website the option of voice calls and although the installation can be carried out

Tip 88: Give permissions to your whastapp
Whenever you have downloaded the app from the app store, you must be completely convinced that it is a secure application. Once the validity through activation code, the application will ask for access to contacts in your phone, as well as the microphone or the chamber. Far from what many people think, which is to "eavesdrop" the application asks for permission to use the microphone or camera from whastapp options to use these features and never to hear private conversations

Tip 89: upload photos and videos
upload photos whatsapp

Send videos and photos to your contacts is simple, provided you have a good internet that allows you to do so. To upload any videos or photos, you just need to click the + you'll find at the top of your screen when you open whastapp and give the option file. Folder of images and videos will open and you just need to choose the one you want to upload. However, not all images and videos can be sent because the application has a size limit for the application does not collapse.

Tip 90: wifi or mobile network?
Many people may ask whether to use the application with wifi or use by a mobile network, however, many people who use both and say they do not notice any differences in their use, however, has a more stable with wifi application.
Tip 91: No passwords for improved security

The same application recommends that never, under any concept no password passes through the application because although you have a completely secure application into your phone. If you have downloaded applications- Store when using a 3G connection you may be in control of third parties have access to your personal data, so you should never do.

Tip 92: Do not send compromising photos
Not only for your own safety but for the safety of the people in the photo, never you send compromising photos because whastapp has ever said no save photos on their servers and if someone at some time have access the server - such as a Hacker- can see and download.

Tip 93: it seems that Facebook frees us from paying whatsapp
Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $ 22 billion and although nothing has been decided yet, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg does not have any plan on charging application, which appears to be free for all users.

Tip 94: memes for whatsapp
There are many people who have problems to find fun things to send through the application, however, one of the best applications you can have in your phone to have a fun time for whatsapp is the application of "memes for whastapp "through which you can start sending memes your contacts with one click.

Tip 95: Customize further discussions with emojis
Through the application you'll find in the app store "smileys for chat" you'll find plenty of memes but also plenty of emojis to use in your messages

Tip 96: whatsuite

Much like whatsapp plus, since it is a suite through which you will find all kinds of options that help you to completely customize your whastapp. Very easy to use and also has new emoticons and memes.

Tip 97: crazy images for whatsapp
Funny pictures whatsapp is an application that allows us to find all kinds of photos and funny or humorous messages to go to our contacts images.

Tip 98: whatsapp never sell your data
How can you read in blog Whatsapp, they never sell your details to third parties and much less for advertising purposes, so you can give your personal information to the application without problem data.

Tip 99: For the future
It is rumored that apart from the two whastapp popcorn in the next update will know if the other person has read the message or not read.

Trick 100: Lee without getting messages to whatsapp
Some phones allow whatsapp read the message without opening the application, already locked phone can see how to get the notification, the message passes in its entirety.

whatsapp tips

Whenever I go to download an application from the store do application and never give your personal information or payment beyond.

Remember that so far has not shown that any of the Epia whastapp applications serve to open things, so keep in mind that you should never download any.

It is possible to add a person into a group,even if the person has blocked you....a person added me to a group....even I had blocked her.
Hi I am a participant on a group of friends but I want to block one person on this group, which means I want to continue to send messages on whatsapp on this group but I do not want that person to be able to read my messages, is this possible to do??????
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It is possible to send stickers on whatsapp even in other chats apps, applications like that do it possible.


Can more than 100 contacts be added to a group?
my whatsapp is not sending the messages in particular group...how to fix it??
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In a group chat it is difficult to reply to a particular message.. Any tricks for that?

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