Samsung Galaxy J5 compass does not work

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asked Jan 20, 2016 by osky (40,560 points)
Samsung Galaxy J5 compass does not work

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answered Jan 20, 2016 by osky (40,560 points)
The Samsung Galaxy J5 is one of the entry-level models from Samsung. Should you have bought your smartphone and have now installed a compass app from the Google Play Store, then ye shall be may be wondering that this is not working. You may even get an error message.

  Surely you now ask yourself: Is my Samsung Galaxy J5 compass defective?

The answer to this question is, unfortunately, no. Because the Samsung Galaxy J5 has no integrated magnetic sensor, which is needed for the compass app. It is thus with the Samsung Galaxy J5 unfortunately not possible in the compass function Apps to use, such as Google Maps, etc.. Besides the Compass app Samsung Galaxy J5 another missing standard sensors such as the gyroscope sensor or the touch sensor.
commented Mar 27, 2016 by anonymous
Its vry stupid mobi....bcs no sensor working in this mobi...wht is use of this mobi.....vry useless mobi frm samsung...hw the nt forgeted this option....
commented Jul 12, 2016 by anonymous
Yes you are right
commented Oct 23, 2017 by anonymous
stupid mobile i hate j5 .my google sky view is not working
commented Oct 23, 2017 by Taufik
I already ask the salesgirl if it can use as compass..shetold me to download the compass apps..I guess she think I'm asking how to get the compass in the mobi..

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