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alright this is not the usual blinking red light when the playstation works only for few seconds and turns off, my problem is that my playstation shuts off and red light starts blinking, but when i turn it on again it works normal as if nothing happened, it's never done this before until 10 days ago or so, it did it like three times in these last ten days, and it is not because of the heat because it did it twice when i had just started playing and one time during a game play. 
wherever i look people only talk about the blinking red light of death which i believe is not my case because it works normal after i turn it back on. 

PS: when it happens i press the start button and the blinking stops, and then i press it again and it turns on and i play for hours. 

please guys any help would be most appreciated because i really don't know what's going on and i really don't want my ps3 to die. 

it is a fat 80GB 2 usb ports. 

thanks in advance

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