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What is ravbg64.exe and why does it appear on Skype?

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The ravbg64.exe file is a background process that allows you to connect communication applications to Realtek sound controllers and ensures that there is no compatibility problem between audio drivers and communications applications. As it is in this case Skype. This application is not a virus spyware or malware, but often Skype often ask the user before using that process with such a program.

The message where the ravbg64.exe process is mentioned usually appears just when installing or updating Skype or installing or updating the sound controls of your computer saying something like "ravbg64.exe wants to use Skype". After accepting something like the following appears.

The ravbg64.exe file runs in the background

The file ravbg64.exe runs in the background under Windows and is located in "% PROGFILES64% \ Realtek \ Audio \ HDA \ ravbg64.exe". This process can be disabled in case you have problems through the registry or also the Windows configuration. Nevertheless first it is recommended to reinstall to try to solve a possible problem, since to disable it could arise other problems related to the operation of the sound in the computer.

Problems that may arise with the ravbg64.exe process

Ravbg64.exe Excessive RAM or CPU Usage
It happens that ravbg64.exe makes a rather abusive resource consumption on the computer. This is often due to conflicts with other programs or obsolescence of sound drivers or Skype. The solution to this problem would be to update them both.

You get the message constantly that ravbg64.exe wants to use Skype
If you are not removing a Skype configuration folder or resetting the audio settings of the computer the solution would be the same as explained in the previous problem. Update sound drivers and Skype.

The problem can also be related to the fact that your PC has no sound and you have installed drivers that are not compatible with your operating system. That said problem you would be solving it in the same way.

Thanks. That makes more sense now. Microsoft/Skype support pages fail to provide any information on this (although archived pages appear in Google search dump). Current MS search is useless.

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