How to disable Java and Flash in your browser

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asked May 7, 2015 by osky (40,560 points)
How to disable Java and Flash in your browser

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answered May 7, 2015 by osky (40,560 points)
Step 1
To view a list of installed plugins in Chrome must be in the address bar (where you normally type the URL of the site where you want to go), enter about: plugins or chrome: // plugins.

Step 2
Page opens with a list of all the plug-ins. Get rid of the unwanted plug-in is very easy - just click on the link to "turn off", then the background is highlighted in gray, and the link will change accordingly the inscription on the back - "turn."

This update Adobe Flash Player plug-in comes with a browser. Just Chrome may signal the need to download critical updates for some plug-ins.
In the upper right corner you can see the link "More", revealing that you will receive information about plug-ins - their location on the computer name and characteristics.

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