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Why "Ok Google" can not be started from anywhere

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Recently, Google Now has received an update, with which it should be possible to open at any point of the system with the voice command "Ok Google" search by voice. This feature is the menu, be possible from the lock screen, etc. and make working with Google Now the advantage. Now, if you have a smartphone with Google Now, you ask you may know why this is not working. Is it perhaps due to a missing setting? Not quite!

After that you can start Google Now from anywhere, is possible in principle, but not in German, but in English only. After navigating through menu -> Google and then the three-point icon in the lower right in the Settings -> Language -> "Ok Google recognition", then you could here the "Enable On each screen" and "On the "dial lock screen.

Unfortunately, there is here but the small text "The function is not available for that language"

This means that if you Google Now with the command "Ok Google" leaving from anywhere on the Android operating system, has to be patient to either update the language pack, or the system language to "English" provides.

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